My first secular conference

I have attended many a Christian conference… but never had I ever attended an atheist, secular, humanist, or freethinker conference. Well, on Saturday I attended the Colorado Secular Conference. Here are some of my short, sweet, and random thoughts:

  • I enjoyed myself but I was exhausted.
  • Sean Faircloth rode with us to get a beer afterward… wasn’t expecting that to happen.
  • I met Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist, I wish I would have gotten a picture!
  • It seemed like the majority of people were over 55.
  • People were nice… not baby eaters or demon-possessed.
  • It was really nice to feel somewhat normal and be able to relate to people with a similar worldview.
  • I made some friends and now I want to visit some of the nearby groups periodically.
  • Alternatively, this made me want to be a part of starting a Northern Colorado Atheists group.

Lastly,  I overheard two old ladies talking to each other, and just about died laughing about their conversation. At one point one of them leaned in close to the other and said:

I saw this neat bumper sticker in the parking lot that said “Get your rosaries off my ovaries”. That’s a good one!


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