Ring of Fire

About twelve years ago, right after high school, was one of the hardest times in my life. Before this, I used to write poetry often as a way to express myself and process. Well, today, I wrote my first poem in over 12 years, wahoo!


Ring of fire
Pit of despair
Perpetual darkness
Life unfair

abstract ring of fireAs of late
I’m not “me”
Destructive acts
Not living free

Wounds and pain
Feeling helpless
Is it all in vain?

Strength and courage
I search and pray
Grant me the will
Or die, I may
Rescue Squad SignGod is it you?
Did you hear me shout
Do you care enough
To pull me out?

Suddenly climbing
I can see the light
My body emerges
By my own mightPit of DespairFree and empowered
No matter the cause
I’m certainly grateful
Can I get some applause?Applause


I was prompted to write on this topic because I just joined Women Who Write Rock, a writing retreat spearheaded by Helene Rose. Find out more about this amazing woman and the services she offers at her website Be Brilliant Network.


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