Allowing myself to say “what if…”

What if…

  • We accepted others exactly how they are and for exactly who they are?
  • We gave that same gift of acceptance to ourselves?
  • We moved past stereotypes, hate, judgments?
  • We showed much compassion and care to those we encountered?
  • We didn’t feel the need to prove ourselves?
  • We let go of our fears?
  • We treated our mistakes and failures, not as deficiencies or inadequacies, but as tools for growth?
  • We simply chose to live our own free, empowered, beautiful lives?

Yeah…what if…?

I would…

  • Stop feeling anxious about any supposed incompetencies.
  • Ask for help when I need it.
  • Stop caring what other people think about my parenting skills and choices.
  • Stop caring about the negative things I think people are thinking about me. Period.
  • Share my own thoughts more openly even when my ideas differ from those around me.
  • Generously hand out genuine compliments and try to express compassion whenever possible.
  • Say “no” to things I’m not interested in and “yes” to things that I REALLY want to do.
  • Try more things and take more risks.
  • Embrace my mistakes and failures by learning from them instead of feeling down because of them.
  • Love fully, without fear of rejection.
  • Stop trying to be perfect.
  • Run free, or walk or roam or wander, and not feel guilty about wanting to go at my own pace.

Me running freely up a mountain in the rain


I was prompted to write on this topic because I am participating in Women Who Write Rock, a writing retreat spearheaded by Helene Rose. Find out more about this amazing woman and the services she offers at her website Be Brilliant Network.


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