20 Simple Pleasures

I ran across a fun blog post about simple pleasures and thought it would be an Sun and rainenjoyable and therapeutic exercise to think about some of the simple things that I appreciate the most. So, here they are, in no particular order:

  1. When it’s raining, yet the sun is shining.
  2. Orgasm and sexual pleasure
  3. The silence that happens at night-time when the kids are sleeping.
  4. Deep emotional and physical intimacy with your life partner.
  5. The exhilarating feeling after you run a race or exert yourself.
  6. After a post workout stretch, when your body feels invigorated and relaxed.massage
  7. Getting a massage.
  8. The smell of lavender, patchouli, and other essential oils.
  9. Anything vanilla or artificial cherry flavor.
  10. When you can’t put down a good book.
  11. When your kid says the sweetest thing to you and doesn’t even realize how much it meant.
  12. When your body fits perfectly next to your honey’s while cuddling.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  13. When someone washes your hair.
  14. Sleeping in a king sized bed with silky smooth sheets and a down comforter.
  15. When you give or receive an unexpected meaningful compliment.
  16. When your food is flavored just right.
  17. When the kids stay overnight somewhere and the extra silence and lack of responsibility is bliss.
  18. Wearing comfy clothes at night… or anytime.
  19. Catching rich and beautiful glimpses of your kid becoming a wonderful person.DSCN0361
  20. The perfect ice cold drink on a hot day or the perfect hot drink on a cold day.

What are some of your favorite simple pleasures?


4 thoughts on “20 Simple Pleasures

  1. Seems this post only has one lonely comment. 🙂
    I’ll offer a few examples. In no particular order.

    1. Discovering baby fish born in our pond.
    2. Finding an album or song on You Tube I never thought I’d hear again.
    3 The thought that Liverpool might actually win the League this year (lol)
    4. Spaghetti Bolognaise
    5. The dogs wandering into my office at 1 o’clock sharp for lunch.
    6. Watching my daughter dismantle and reassemble a carburetor. ( that one blew me away)
    7. Waking up to the valley enshrouded in mist.
    8. Not being addicted to tobacco any more, and not ”panicking” about forgetting my smokes whenever I went out. ( nuts, right?)
    9. Knowing I am a lucky bloke after 30 years of marriage

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