The Hardest, Most Important Job

Another blog post from my new blog. I will likely stop re-blogging here very soon and close up shop for good on Life Sans God. It has been a good time, thanks for following!

Dreaming In Earth Tones

I didn’t move into my parenting role thinking, “Wow, this will be so easy”, but I certainly was not prepared for how hard it would be. I read tons of books. I made plans. And I had expectations. For the most part, things didn’t go my way.

Here are just 5 of the misconceptions I had prior to having children:

  1. Pregnancy Interventions = Pure Evil – With my first child, I thought I would have my baby at home and in the birthing tub. I thought it would be drug-free and beautiful. While I have always valued the advances of modern medicine and the good fortune of having many life-saving interventions at our disposal, I feared the overuse of pregnancy interventions in the hospital because of books I read and movies I watched. My first exposure to this kind of material was the documentary The Business of Being Born. But instead of the amazing experience…

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