This is Me

I transformed from devoted Christian to self-proclaimed atheist, from religious to godless, and I’m here to blog stories, thoughts and ramblings about my Life Sans God.

Colorado SunsetI grew up in beautiful Colorado and as a teenager I developed a love for staying active, sharing my life with people, and developing my relationship with god. I look back fondly on my high-school memories, in particular I replay one special moment often: the day me and 3 other girls placed 4th in our sprint medley relay at the state track meet. Perhaps to some, this might not seem so glorious, and I have other accomplishments that sound better. But each of us worked damn hard that day (and many days prior), we accomplished something great together and I feel that I personally surpassed what I thought I was capable of doing. I literally feel butterflies and excitement all over again just thinking about it.

As I recall this story, it occurs to me that this event could have easily happened with or without god in my life. But the reality at that time, is that I was zealous for god and for the souls of every living person I knew. Don’t get me wrong, there were times I struggled to retain this fervor, but I was always sincere in my attempts to attain greatness for god.

Over 10 years later, the last thing I EVER expected, happened. I lost my faith in god. This journey began when I started questioning sin. There are many things in the bible (old and new testament) that Christians no longer abide by including women being silent in church or wearing mixed fabrics. How was I to determine which things to ignore? Once I started questioning sin, questioning god soon followed. When I began looking into apologetic arguments, I was truly surprised to find little to no compelling evidence for the existence of any gods. One key moment was when I finally let go of my fear of hell.

Even though I now find myself without god in my life, for the most part I am still the same person. I love staying active and sharing my life with people, only now I focus on running AND yoga and I share life with my husband and two preschool aged boys. Instead of developing my relationship with god, I spend my time, money and energy on my various interests. Instead of praying, I make choices by weighing the various sides of the issues I face and owning my decisions. I am more empowered, confident, and happy then I have ever been in my life.

When I think back to that day of my sprint medley relay, I am thankful that I have taken lessons from the track, into my life. I will aspire toward greatness when it comes to my beliefs, parenting skills, fitness level, and whatever I’m focusing on in my life. I am confident that I will continue to surpass what I think I am capable of doing. Thanks for being here and coming along for the ride that is my Life Sans God!

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