One of my least favorite things as a parent is being faced with a negative behavior or situation with my child to which I have no clue how to respond. It makes me feel incompetent and like I’m lacking a necessary tool to help me take action. There are indeed many parental resources out there, but there is limited time, so what should I focus on? Many fellow moms have recommended Love and Logic and The Happiest Baby (and Toddler) On The Block books.

While I found these books beneficial, most recently, I have been thrilled to encounter The Incredible Years 10-week training series and book for parents of children ages 2-8. The series has helped me be more positive and encouraging (without being fake), build a solid relationship with my kids, set limits, use nonviolent discipline, play with my kids, use a rewards system and more. I have confidence in this evidence-based program and as a result feel equipped to handle new situations when they come up with my children. It has been SUPER EMPOWERING! Check out my blog posts for more info: Incredible Years (Part 1) and Incredible Years (Part 2).

This class is offered in Northern Colorado for FREE! I highly recommend checking to see if it’s offered in your area, find out here. (Note: If you don’t find a class in your area through their website, double check through a Google search. Their site didn’t list the class that is currently offered in my area.)

The Incredible Years by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhDMore Parenting Resources:


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