YouTube Favorites

I spend A LOT of time on YouTube. I highly recommend checking out some of my favorite channels below.

TheThinkingAtheist – This is my go-to channel for atheist podcasts and well-produced atheist videos. Seth Andrews is responsible for creating The Thinking Atheist website and online community. Check out this disturbing but VERY thought provoking video:

The Young Turks – This is largest online news show in the world and my primary news source. I have grown especially attached to hosts Ana and Cenk.

TheEllenShow – A great channel for laughs and happy tears. “Funnies” and “fuzzies” if you will. I always feel uplifted and happier when I watch Ellen. Here is a favorite warm fuzzy for my romantic and sentimental heart:

TED – I thoroughly enjoy watching educational and interesting TED talks. Here are a couple of my favorites: