The one I love…

Still the best wedding I have ever attended (12/30/2005)

12/30/2005 – Still the best wedding I have ever attended 😉

I am drawn to his unique smell, his comforting touch, and his loving actions.

He is attractive, athletic, kind, straight-forward, and funny.

He values truth, wisdom, hard work, team work, logic and reason, science, love, family, and our children. He values what is best not just for himself but for me and our boys.

We enjoy many of the same things, yet we have personal interests that we allow each other to delight in separately. We appreciate each other’s humor. We laugh and cry together. And we continue to stand beside each other through all seasons of life (mundane, exciting, and exhausting). And through all of this we remain companions, best friends, lovers. We were born to be together!