For the love of water

Can’t wait to get to the splash park again when it warms up!Grady at splash park


What would YOU like to hear more about?

I am SO close to finishing up the Zero to Hero blog challenge! Can I get a hip hip hooray?

As I move forward, I really want to know what YOU would like to read on my blog. Please take a quick moment to let me know what you are most interested in hearing about. Thanks in advance!


Happy Post Challenge: Children

happy-post-challenge-logoI am taking on the challenge to share some happy encounters with children. This is easy because my own adorable children make me SO happy (most of the time) and I can’t pass on the opportunity to show them off. Here they are!

With their big, happy smiles

2011-11-24 11.23.54bathLoving life


2011-06-16 10.51.04

2012-08-10 16.11.28

Enjoying the best kind of toys…non-toys, if you will

2011-07-11 16.10.18

bag on head

2010-11-14 18.58.06

Dressing up (it’s the best!)

2012-11-10 07.43.20

2012-11-10 07.57.19crop

2012-10-31 19.10.55And, of course, being a bit mischievous

2011-08-03 19.22.07crop

2011-05-14 11.18.52Lastly, here is a wonderfully repetitive performance of “99 Boxes of Juice on the Wall”. Though the videography is low quality, I greatly appreciate this video (I realize this could be solely due to me being a proud and biased mom). My favorite parts happen around 1:05 and 2:03. Enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I’m not a photographer but I wanted to take it upon myself to try out this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge (for the first time and at the final hour).


Sadie, our very noble and elegant dog, finds the coolest place in the yard, amidst a bunch of kids toys


An interesting night time view from the driver’s seat

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That’s a selfie, son

My 4-year-old uses my tablet from time to time to play games or watch Netflix. He also likes to high-jack my camera and take many pictures of anything and everything. Here he is, sitting on the bottom bunk, discovering the “selfie“. I love that no-one taught him anything about taking a picture of himself, yet he poses like a selfie-taking professional. Whether or not this will transfer into his social networking life in the future is yet to be seen. Check out a few of the selfies he captured below.

The Kissy Face Selfie

The Kissy Face Selfie


The Scared/Surprised Selfie


The Debonair Selfie

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite selfie to share?