What Your Atheist Friend Wants You To Know

I was asked by Lifetree Cafe, a Christian story-telling organization, to film for a video called “What Your Atheist Friend Wants You To Know”. Lifetree hopes to open up a variety of conversations and address many types of issues. It was a fun experience and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to participate.

Here are the 3 videos that resulted from this project.


Realizing Your Atheism

Conversations About Faith

Your Turn

How did you come to realize your atheism or faith? Share about a conversation you have had with someone who believes differently than you.


YouTube Favorites

I spend A LOT of time on YouTube. I highly recommend checking out some of my favorite channels below.

TheThinkingAtheist – This is my go-to channel for atheist podcasts and well-produced atheist videos. Seth Andrews is responsible for creating The Thinking Atheist website and online community. Check out this disturbing but VERY thought provoking video:

The Young Turks – This is largest online news show in the world and my primary news source. I have grown especially attached to hosts Ana and Cenk.

TheEllenShow – A great channel for laughs and happy tears. “Funnies” and “fuzzies” if you will. I always feel uplifted and happier when I watch Ellen. Here is a favorite warm fuzzy for my romantic and sentimental heart:

TED – I thoroughly enjoy watching educational and interesting TED talks. Here are a couple of my favorites:


Happy Post Challenge: Children

happy-post-challenge-logoI am taking on the challenge to share some happy encounters with children. This is easy because my own adorable children make me SO happy (most of the time) and I can’t pass on the opportunity to show them off. Here they are!

With their big, happy smiles

2011-11-24 11.23.54bathLoving life


2011-06-16 10.51.04

2012-08-10 16.11.28

Enjoying the best kind of toys…non-toys, if you will

2011-07-11 16.10.18

bag on head

2010-11-14 18.58.06

Dressing up (it’s the best!)

2012-11-10 07.43.20

2012-11-10 07.57.19crop

2012-10-31 19.10.55And, of course, being a bit mischievous

2011-08-03 19.22.07crop

2011-05-14 11.18.52Lastly, here is a wonderfully repetitive performance of “99 Boxes of Juice on the Wall”. Though the videography is low quality, I greatly appreciate this video (I realize this could be solely due to me being a proud and biased mom). My favorite parts happen around 1:05 and 2:03. Enjoy!


A Post Valentines Day Laugh

I mean, how can you not appreciate the hilarity of this clip from the Valentines Day episode of The Office? I often think of this clip when I think of what the day represents.

I have almost always said that Valentines Day is “not my thing” or that I don’t care much about it. And no, I am not grumpy because I had a bad experience or mad that my loved one doesn’t buy me expensive gifts (I would actually be a bit upset if he spent money on this day over our anniversary or a random surprise day).

I have never had a Valentines Day that was particularly wonderful (or terrible for that matter). My husband and I rarely exchange gifts, we simply try to spend some time together, using it as an opportunity to reconnect.

Aside from my personal experience, when I look at the commercialization of this holiday I do find it disgusting and therefore at times quite comical. The pressure is on for people to buy gifts and be overly romantic and when that doesn’t happen for someone, they must not be loved or appreciated. Because on this ONE day it is necessary to display love, otherwise, said love must not exist.

I leave you with the words of a sign I saw at my local flower shop: “Will she forgive you, if you forget her?” With that kind of pressure, man, those flowers are gonna be really special!